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FoghornLeghorn's photo!Name: Brian
Age: 38
Location: Prattville, AL
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff / Dispatcher - Jailer.
Bio: I am not married. I have no kids. I have worked at my present job for 15 years. I have a huge music, movie library. I have a collection of guitars, 3 electric, 1 electric bass, and 2 acoustic guitars. I play only a little but can play a couple of songs. I also collect Bobbleheads and have the Silent Bob and Buddy Christ ones signed by Kevin Smith. The Jay Bobble will get signed one day, hopefully. I also collect McFarlane Beatles action figures. I have 14 of them. I have one garden gnome and hopefully will get more. From my name you can also gather that I collect anything Foghorn Leghorn as well. I have been trying to get into photography as well.


Books: Harry Potter books, WWE wrestler Autobiographies.
Films: All KS, Blade Runner, Secondhand Lions.
Hobbies: VA chatroom, VA message board, Guild Wars Online, Diablo II:Lords Of Destruction, Photography, watching movies or entire series on dvd. Writing short stories and poetry.
Music: The Beatles, Oasis, Coldplay, Eisley, & so many more..
Quote: Life is a journey not a destination - Aerosmith
TV Show: N.C.I.S., Monk, Psyche, and Eureka.
VA Flick: Clerks 2.
Websites: 908