Kevin pops up on the monitor while Space Ghost is ordering something on the phone (...err from his chest mounted communicator).

Kevin: Hey, how are you Ghost?

Space Ghost: I'm on the phone, THAT'S how!

Space Ghost pauses for a second

Space Ghost: Rude...

Ghost continues his order

Space Ghost: Ok... put be down for six dozen more... Yeah I can hold.

Space Ghost (and Kevin) hold.

Space Ghost (to Kevin): Where'd you get that sweater... it looks cheap... I hate it.

The phone operator comes back

Space Ghost: Ok then... Thank you so much... Bye Now.

Back to Kevin.

Space Ghost: All righty! Identify yourself Kevin!

Kevin: Um, I'm Kevin Smith. I directed 'Clerks' and 'Mallrats' and 'Chasing Amy'.

Space Ghost: And that's why you're here, to discuss my movie.

Kevin: Um... I guess I should picth you something? Are you up for that?

Space Ghost: I'm up for sittin' by the pool and watching the jack roll in.

Zorak: I'm up for a Peabody

Space Ghost looks at Zorak

Space Ghost: Squirrel's don't WIN awards... squirrels...

Kevin looks at Zorak

Kevin: Zorak...

Zorak: Kevin...

Kevin: ZORAK!

Zorak: KEVIN!

Kevin: ZORAAAAK!!!!



Space Ghost: So Kevin, what's the plan? What now? Where to? What's next for the Space Ghost?

Kevin: You just need to work with the right director. I'm sure we're boring Zorak over there.

Zorak: Yeah, I turned off my ears 5 minutes ago.

Space Ghost: Then how did you know what he said?

Zorak: Huh?

Space Ghost: I said, "If you turned off your ears, how did you know what Kevin said?"

Zorak: What??

Space Ghost: I said if you... I said... are you still turned off?

Zorak: Yeah.

Space Ghost: I said, "If you turned off your ears, how did you know what Kevin said??!!"

Zorak: Hmm...

Space Ghost: Zorak? Zorak?!

Zorak begins to levitate.

Space Ghost zaps his ass.


Space Ghost: Exploding isn't funny.

Kevin Laughs.

Space Ghost: You laughing at me boy?

Kevin (laughing): No... I didn't mean it.. I was laughing with you.

Space Ghost: But I wasn't laughing was I?

Kevin: No...

Space Ghost: No, I hadn't. Had I?

Kevin: (hesitant): No...

Space Ghost: So it's all settled then. Now I have a contract drawn up for you to direct my movie. All you need to do is sign it and then go away.

Kevin: I'd be up for that. I'd sign a waiver.

Space Ghost: Actually it's a little more binder than a waiver. It's more like a trap. So if you could just go ahead a sign that and that will begin pricipal photography in what... say 10 minutes?

Kevin: You are taking care of business. (to Zorak) He is taking care of business Zorak isn't he?

Cut to: Zorak the squirrel.

Zorak: Screwy ain't it?

Kevin: Never mind the big... bug. Bust the Power Band move!

Space Ghost: Listen Kevin, if you're not going to take this seriously...

Kevin: I got a question though... where's the monkey?

Space Ghost: That's IT!

Kevin: Monkey's can't get a break in this business...

Space Ghost: Moltar!

Moltar: Q-Fire...

Kevin bruns up...

Kevin: AAAAHHHH!!!!