Commentary by Director Kevin Smith
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Picture 1

Scott, Kevin, Jay, and the Silent Bob stunt double. It was this guy who actually swung from the ceiling - not me. I wasn't allowed by the studio - for insurance purposes. Something about the film's Director having to be alive for the whole shoot. Go figure.

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Kev and Scott with co-producer Jim Jacks. Jim's been a Producer on a couple boss flicks - including 'Raising Arizona', 'Darkman', 'Tombstone', and 'Dazed and Confused'. Actually, we not only had the two producers from 'Dazed' (Jim and Sean Daniels), but we also had the casting director (Don Phillips), two of the film's stars (Joey Adams and Ben Affleck), and the same distributor (Gramercy). And as if all that wasn't weird enough Jeremy (T.S.) London's twin brother Jason played Pink in 'Dazed'. If only we'd had their box office (we fell three and a half million shy of 'Dazed's dismal six million).(126K JPG)

Picture 3

Shoot that monkey! Tell you the truth, it's an orangutan - part of the great ape family (a monkey has a tail). One day Scott and I decided to see how far we could go with bizarre on-set requests. We asked for a monkey. Our line producer said "Sure." See? It's all true about Hollywood - decadence galore!

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Picture 3

Shooting the Silent Bob stunt. That's as far as I had to swing - I jumped from the top of the elevator onto an air mattress. See all those people surrounding the set? They're necessary. All of them. I swear.

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Picture 3

Our sound stage shoot. For the closing sequence where we see Brodie as the Tonight Show host and Rene playing drum, we built the Tonight show set on a sound stage on the Universal lot. That's me, Scott, and Shannen watching the video-tape of her drum solo... in happier times, as they say.

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Picture 3

Kev directing Claire and Joey. It was a chick scene, so I only popped my head through the curtains. Why? Well have you ever been in a room with a couple of actresses? They can be a catty bunch.

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