The lynchpin of View Askew, Scott 'I'm not Canadian, eh!' Mosier is the man behind the man. Producer of both 'Clerks' and 'Mallrats' (as well as anything else the View ever does), Scott is a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S. who (unlike other uber-indie producer Lawrence B_nder) works his ass off. Together with Kev, he stands as part of the ruling body of View Askew.

But let's not forget Scott's contribution on the performance side. In 'Clerks', he played the immortal Willam, the Idiot Manchild (Snow- ball, to close friends), as well as the angry, smoke-craving, roof hockey player ("I'll knock your fucking teeth out and pass all over your ass!"). And in 'Mallrats', he was Roddy, Svenning's obnoxious junior assistant ("You called down the thunder, well now you got it!").

In addition to the affairs of state, Scott likes to kick back with comics and is a huge fan of both the movie 'The Doctor' and actor/comedian Kevin Pollack (go figure).

Below - the legend that is Scotty Mo'.

Vincent Pereira, Scott Mosier, and Kevin Smith on the Clerks set
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Scott Mosier on the
'Can't Even Tell' set
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The Clerks Gang
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Scott at Sundance '94
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Scott's rendering of Jay and Silent Bob meet the Frankensteins
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