Alaska Q & A rocked! Thanks kevin!

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Posted by alaskanbob at on May 02, 2004 at 09:01:24:

hey guys,
its like 4:30 in the morning, just got home from the kevin Q&A at UAA and it was awsome. Dead tired, and so was kevin by the end of the night... got over at 3:30AM...have to complain to the UAA board for starting his gig at 10pm.
I didnt even get a chance to ask my question either, damn people kept getting on the mike and either repeating questions asked on the "evening with kevin smith" dvd or asking like 10 questions even though your only supposed to ask one (heck even 2 or 3 would have been ok but damn) I should have gone up their at the very beginging when my friend Jessie and her roomate asked the first question and started the whole prom thing.
Oh and Kevin, sorry bout the dumbass who dropped trough at the begining, dont know him but seeing his ass was something i could have lived without and im sure u could have too. Him and that guy that hated EBay and was being all mental (Anthrax rockes!!!). Cant believe he started ramming his head into the wall at one point. LOL should have seen the cop that was there in the wings doing crowd control for the event, he had his gun half out when the guy started banging his head!
But at least you got to see a moose all live and shit for the first time eh? next time, if ever u decide to come back to alaska, well find you a nice moose-tipping spot. That or u could go to someones prom. ill let jessie know, im sure she can get ya into one! :)

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