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Posted by GTJDorris at 64-243-10-5.biltmorecomm.com on May 01, 2004 at 20:24:11:

In Reply to: I couldn't disagree with you more. posted by Barry, Suave MF on May 01, 2004 at 18:52:20:

: Obviously you didn't "love" it as a kid since you decided to rent it again after not seeing it for a while. If the movie had that big of an impact on you then, you'd either have bought the film and/or seen it on a regular basis.

To comment on that first I don't see why someone has to purchase and/or watch a movie regularly to "love" it. I flat out loved I AM SAM but I've only seen it once and didn't buy it. Don't see why the two are dependant upon one another, I suppose.

: If you get a chance, listen to the commentary. They tried making the film as close to the comic as possible, but also to do other things with the story & make it more cinematic.

Agreed, though I haven't heard the commentary.

: The set designs, costumes, etc. were very well done. It had that gloomy atmosphere that became part of the story.

There was a gloomy atmosphere but it seemed very much "on the cheap" to me. It looked like movie costumes instead of looking like actual people brought to life. It looked like movie sets instead of dark alley-ways. It was a good concept without the money to bring it to life is what I said saying that they needed more cash to pull it off.

: Same with the music. The soundtrack is great also. And some of those songs helped move the movie along.

Fantastic soundtrack, I'll give you that one!!

: But actually it is a revenge story. Not for him being killed, but rather because those guys not only killed Shelly, they also destroyed their future together. It is about love. The movie conveyed that message throughout the whole film & it did it well (I think).

See, this is where you misread my words (or I mistyped them, I didn't check). I said "the story" meaning the original story written by Jay O'Barr and made into a comic book isn't only about love and revenge. I was saying that was what the movie conveyed, as you said above, but that the comic has lots of other elements to it that are touched on in the movie.

I would have loved to seen it made again with the same director, set designer/dresser, producers, definitely with Brandon Lee (so sad to have lost him, I think he would have been great), but with a different screenwriter and with about twice the budget. Some great moments in it, but it just came off as "cheesey" to me when I re-watched it.

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