It's not that I can't suspend disbelief....

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Posted by Jami at on May 01, 2004 at 19:32:02:

In Reply to: What people don't get about movies in general posted by Barry, Suave MF on May 01, 2004 at 19:15:45:

I can. I mean I enjoyed all 3 LOTRs, both Harry Potters (even though Chamber Of Secrets had too many changes from the books), Dogma, Bram Stoker's Dracula, the silent version of Phantom Of The Opera - but the slasher flicks just make me laugh because the people are SO STUPID! "Oh let's walk alone in a dark and scary hallway" and crap like that. I want - Alfred Hitchcockness when it comes to horror movies. I want something that makes me afraid. Freddy Kruger makes me roll my eyes. Jason makes me snore. Sure I jump during certain parts, even the most cynical person jumps. But they don't *scare* me. They don't make me want to crawl under my seat and hide and yet keep me rivited at the same time. When I watched The Mummy Returns all I could think was "no way could two people with such dark hair have a blond haired son, resessive genes or no."

I can suspend my disbelief for many things - I'm a role player and I read comic books for goodness sakes. I'm into most of the X-Men, Spider-man, Daredevil. After watching so many of my friends go through divorce and break ups because of cheating mates and so many people telling me they'd never date me because I'm fat I no longer believe in true love - but I read and enjoy cheap romance novels. I know cocaine destroys minds but I still enjoy Sherlock Holmes stories even though Holmes injects coke when bored. I enjoy stories about vampires and plan to see Van Helsing, but I don't believe in them. I'm a Trekkie but I'm also a Christian and I have to suspend my disbelief in evolution every time they talk about it.

See? I CAN do it. But movies like TCM, Nightmare On Elm Street, and many others keep me from being able to because the characters are just plain idiots.

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