Good and Evil *Spoilers*

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Posted by Tarantino Smith at on May 01, 2004 at 10:59:12:

In Reply to: Kill Bill Vol. 2: Things to think about-*spoilers* posted by BChrist on May 01, 2004 at 10:23:52:

Perhaps there are no good or evil people, but only good and evil deeds. Is it wrong to characterize a person as evil because they made a few evil choices? You certainly cannot call a person good because they help somebody every once in a while.

I try to not put the Good/Evil label on characters in movies, books, etc. They do what they feel needs to be done, not always the "good" thing.

Reservoir Dogs for example. A group of robbers. Bad guys, right? But none the less, you are stuck with them as the main characters. Then, Orange is exposed as a cop. Mixed feelings. An undercover cop in theis situation good guy or bad guy? He's doing the right thing, but is also working against our main characters.

The Bride was seeking revenge on the people who tried to kill her, but weren't they just doing their job? They basically took away her life, doesn't she deserve revenge? She is not only killing the assassins, but anyone who happens to be around them at the time, is that justifiable? The Crazy 88 hadn't done anything to her, but she killed many of them not the less. Granted they were attacking her at the time, but they were just following orders, which, again, brings the Bride's past as an assassin back to the table.

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