My brush with View Askew Royalty

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Posted by JohnnyBoy at on May 01, 2004 at 07:46:38:

Just as a Saturday morning ice breaker, I thought I'd convey the story of the first time I met Kevin. Perhaps, met is not the right word since we didn't actually say anything more than Hi. Anyway, here goes.

It was a bunch of years ago in Red Bank when the Secret Stash was in the old location. I believe it was Monmouth St. My wife and I were walking around doing the Red Bank thing when we stumbled across the Secret Stash. I never knew where it was before and it was the first time I'd ever seen it. I was looking for the latest issue of Nightwing and thought I'd stop in and pick it up.

When I went to walk in the door, I almost fell in because someone on the other side had opened the door for me. It was Jay. He held the door for my wife and I and was very courteous. Really, he didn't look at my wife's ass when she passed or anything. When I stepped into the store to my surprise there standing behind the counter were Kevin, Walt, and Bryan. That's like a View Askew full house. They were hanging shelves. I said, "Hi." They said, "Hi" and continued hanging the shelves.

Now, I really had only stopped to buy a comic and I never expected to see Kevin there let alone Kevin, Walt, Bryan, and Jay. I mean, really, who would have expected that. It was only years later when I started visting this board that I came to find out that everyone who visits the Secret Stash expects to see Kevin, Walt, Bryan, and Jay.

Anyway, I found my comic, paid, and left.

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