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Posted by Championship_Vinyl at on May 05, 2004 at 13:14:48:

In Reply to: I think the "message" of the comic ... posted by rcpweiner on May 05, 2004 at 13:01:25:

: Is in the second panel: "Tillman, who earned $18,000, falsely believed Bush's wars against Iraq and Afghanistan had something to do with 9/11."

Fair enough. If you think that's the overall message of the comic, I can't argue it with you. You and I just see it a different way, that's all.

: And while I don't understand the money reference (I'm not defending the entirety of the comic), I think that many, many troops have been led into this war thinking it was revenge for 9/11 when it really wasn't.

You may be right. At the same time, as much as people want to believe it, soldiers in the US military aren't cut off from the outside world, and aren't as "programmed" as some may contend. I'm sure many of them feel exactly as even the most liberal among us.

: And again, this doesn't go for everyone. For Asian Persuasion, he said that he was in it awhile ago because he needed to get an education. That's fair enough. But many ... MANY people who got an injection of nationalism after 9/11 were and ARE being misled in what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Agreed in full.

After high school, I enlisted in the Army, simply because I was raised to believe that it was my duty. Obviously not everyone experiences that same upbringing, but personally, Iím thankful that I did. But if I would've been of age to enlist two years ago, I can't honestly say whether or not my reasons for enlisting might've been different. I mean, I feel much different about 9-11 today than how I felt on 9-12.

: If this makes me come out like I'm insulting or not supporting our troops, I apologize. I DO support the troops and all that (I mean, who CAN'T support the troops), but it's the leadership that I have problems with.

Never thought that at all. Problems with the leadership? I'm with you there. I actually think the comic is funny too, in a 'Misanthropic Bitch' kind-of-way.

Moreso, many people agree with the sentiments expressed in that comic, so if nothing else, credit is due in that I doubt many of them would be as quick to announce those feelings to the world.

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