Worthless or priceless?

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Posted by Choo Choo Andee at c-24-126-112-47.we.client2.attbi.com on May 04, 2004 at 21:17:11:

In Reply to: Jason Mews is truly quite worthless... literally posted by jasher on May 04, 2004 at 20:30:51:

Your post was confusing.

: I live in Quebec, Canada, and have been a Kevin Smith fan for quite some time. (long time listener.. first time caller so to speak) Of course any Kevin Smith fan must be a Jay Mews fan as well by default. So...I was flipping throught the tv today and came upon something that I felt that Kevin Smith.. Jay, and the fans might appreciate. I found it so amuzing in fact, that I signed up tot this board to share.
: We have something here called Illico (the equivalent to Tivo in the states) and they are trying to promote a new pay per view service therein. In doing so, they are offering 6 free movies just to test the service. Very B in nature. The big hit is Cube 2.. a sequal to the Canadian cult classic.
: As I was looking for something to watch there is is.. staring me in the face... "R.S.V.P." the Jason Mews epic sans Kevin!!!! Daring the world to watch it free of charge.
: Not only is it funny that it is there to begin with, but Mews is listed first in the actor credits... that's right.. he is the "selling" point in this opus. It is playing as I type this and I am utterly enthralled.
: That is all. If nothing else, this experience opened me up to reading the geeky exploits of all on this board. Looking forward to expading my horizons

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