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Posted by shitty speller...DEAL WITH IT! at 24-205-35-70.gln-eres.charterpipeline.net on May 04, 2004 at 20:42:09:

best and worst stuff to listen to while driving. begin your list now!

best: flogging molly, best of beach boys exluding everything past, DO YOU WANNNA DANCE, rooney, the thrills, new order, prince's DIRTY MIND, liscene to ill-beastie boys, songs for the deaf-queens of the stone age, probot, zwan, pixies-doolittle, ECHOES by the rapture, cure's greatest hits, the supremes greatest hits, the smiths.

worst: bob dylan(though the hurricane does get your blood pumping), elliot smith, joy division, elvis costello's NORTH, comedy albums (cant concentrate on the road), most radiohead.

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