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Posted by Baby Jesus at on May 04, 2004 at 14:44:40:

In Reply to: schools out, for gordon sumner! posted by Xtian on May 04, 2004 at 14:25:30:


: : Were you......

: i was indeed...homeschooling wasnít an option in my state of residence.

: : Late , Early or Right on time

: late, more often than not...i had an "epstein's mother" pad printed out for when i did, in fact, feel tardy.

: : Stoner or Geeker

: neither really...didnít get high (still donít) didnít play d&d (still donít)...i suspect that makes me a tweener. which is not the sort of thing you use to remove a sliver, thanks.

: : Sports or AV class

: neither, again. any marginalization you might begin to pick up from this was entirely intentional. i think i wanted to be an outcast at first because i thought it would look cool, but then it turned out i had a real talent at it! i would have liked to play basketball, for i fancy myself good at it, but we had a regulation making boys with girls hair verboten.

: : Art Room or Study Hall

: i was neither artfully or studiciously [sic] inclined, and i'm still not. i did, however, manage to get accepted to an advanced theatre program which allowed me half days for my senior year. i spent most of that year running up a tab at little caesar's and perfecting a really out of place brogue for lion in winter.

: : Target or Attacker

: we didnít have attacker in north carolina, we only had target.

: i kid...frosh/soph target, jun/sen above it all. i morphed into some odd sort of hybrid creature in high school, seemingly lateral to all the doldrums and brief respites as depicted in john cusack movies... it wasnít intentional, it just sorta happened. apparently being the one guy in the entire school who looked like he just missed the cut into duran duran has its advantages.

: : Attracted or Attractive

: attractive...girls wanted me, boys wanted to be me. this sort of hubris has come back to bite me a thousand fold, so feel free to mock if you must, god has done you a fair turn better.

: : Overwhelmed or Unchallenged

: unchallenged, by a landslide. i nearly failed out of high school, honestly. the only thing that kept me going is what kept my interest, 1 month long summer school courses that didnít have time to bore the life out of me. i met and wooed some interesting girls from other schools as well, natch.

: : Did you ever forget your locker combination?

: every single time after a break. it scared the bejesus out of meÖand yet, every time i stepped up to the plate, my rain man like hands knew their business.

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