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Posted by nogoodnik at on May 04, 2004 at 10:44:42:

In Reply to: Can't touch this.....Poll time! posted by Sinatraking on May 04, 2004 at 10:33:18:

: OK, today has started off as if it were Monday all over again. If my alarm clock had gone off to the tune of Sonny, and Cher's "I've Got You Babe" I would have been worried. So here is a poll to make my day, and hopefully yours, go by faster.

: So truthfully, when MC Hammer was all the hype, did you go out and buy a pair of Parachute pants?

No, but the temptation was definitely there.

: Did you learn the Running Man before, or after you saw Hammer doing it?

Before. But, due to a boating accident, it's something I'm not able to perform anymore.

: Back in thier day, who would have won in a Street Fight, MC Hammer, Heavy D, or Vanilla Ice?

Heavy D, brother. He'd squash 'em all like a bug.

: What about today, who would win?

Same same. Fuck whiny Rob.

: What is in/on your home CD/MP3 player right now?

A *ton* of shit. I just got a 120GB external hard drive for my ibook and I'm in the process of importing all my CDs. I'd say I'm about 60% there.

: What's in/on your Car CD/MP3 player right now?


: Most recent film you have seen, Theatre, or at Home?

I watched Spartacus (1960) last Sunday afternoon. *yawn*

: Last video game you played?

Ni**a, please.

: Last time you ate breakfast, and what did you have?

Usually I just have coffee and a scone.

: Last question, How did you hear about the View Askew Board, and what made you post here?

I first heard about it in summer 2001 but didn't check it out 'til a coupla years later. I posted because they all seemed like a buncha pricks and I thought I'd fit in really well!

: Hope everyone has a good day

Not too bad so far...

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