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Posted by Silent Brew at ptd-24-31-158-49.maine.rr.com on May 03, 2004 at 02:24:33:

In Reply to: Tasteful as in no T and P shots? -NT- posted by Kiss It on May 03, 2004 at 02:21:30:

due to the fact that my girlfriend and I have used digital photography methods. In that case, we can do whatever we want. She doesn't totally open up, though. Doesn't trust me at all...in fact, all I got was her in a bikini : ) not complaining or anything, but the possibilities are inifinite with digital photography

: : ...you shouldn't have a problem

: : : I have taken some pictures of my wife on disposable cameras, and some of them are what some would call "naughty" photos. She's not completely nude in them, but...

: : : When we develop the pics, I figure she could show her ID, and everything will be cool... Unless we don't develop them at a 1 hour photo place. If they need to send them in, then they may not develop the pics, because they might think she's a minor, which she is not, but I don't think they'll care enough to check. Anyone have some advice aside from shoot nude shots next time, and to not use disposable cameras?

: : : Person who helps will get one of the pictures... of me...

: : : Thanks.

: : : Also, how much does it cost on average for your photos to be placed onto disks for PC use?

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