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Posted by Jack Thunder at on May 03, 2004 at 01:36:09:

Like I said, I dig your style man.

And I got to ask my geeky film vs. video question, I don't know why I
was nervious, anyone who knows me knows, I don't get
that was kinda weird, in a groovy way.

It was cool to meet a guy who got his "in" from pretty much the same
spot I'm at, catholic upbringing, overweight, diggin the picture books,
eatin' a mean pussy, lots of self-depricating humor.

For as long as I can remember,or at least since I got into my cousin's
comic tubs when I was six, I wanted to draw for the funny books(for
marvel), as I got into the indie books, and forigen films, I eventually
got into the idea of storyboards. I was mainstream as you get
watching movies as a kid, then I got more and more into forigen and
old flicks, if nothing else, but to get a sense of film/movie history.
Akira Kurosawa's pictures have ended up being my favorite to watch
out of everything.

For the most part I've always been about the plot and visual aspects
of picture making, however the more I write the dialouge the more I
dig that aspect. And more and more I get obsessed with learning it

Thanks for your opnions/ stories, it's cool to meet a guy who made it,
and relate on a few things. I think hearing you talk about keeping
things small, made me rememeber why I want to persuit making
pictures, thanks.

Dig it,


If anyone gets a chance check out the messageboard on this
website. The Wookie Reviews, is my room. I call them reviews but I
don't usually write about stuff I don't like.

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