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Posted by Ryall at on May 02, 2004 at 19:58:05:

In Reply to: You're gonna burn in HELL! Poll. posted by Suplee_Mental on May 02, 2004 at 10:09:40:

: Are there any races (black, latino, korean, for example) that you would never date (like, maybe you find traditional Korean features to be unattractive)

I wouldn
t date any of them now that I'm married, but in the past, I dated someone of every persuasion you mention.

: Your ATM spits out an extra $20, or a teller accidentally gives you 20 too much. Keep it? How about $100.

ATM, yes, but you know you'll get called on it. From a teller, no--$20 or $100 isn't worth it to me to potentially cost someone their job.

: Would you ever date someone who used to date a sibling or other close family member?

Nope. Dated a younger sister of my brother's ex, though--that seemed okay.

: Would you date a 1st cousin?

Yours, yes. Not my own.

: Do you cross the street when someone of any particular race comes towards you during a midnight stroll?

Only teenage white girls. Like Chris Rock says, I'm not afraid of al-Qaeda, I'm afraid of al-CRACKER.

: Have you ever shoplifted, or stolen anything at all? What? Why? When?

Oh, sure. Video games and cassettes as a kid, condoms as a teen, my wife's heart as an adult (awwww).

: Have you ever intentionally killed an animal?


: DO you hate anyone? I mean sick-to-your-stomach hatred. who?

There's lots of people that I hate what they stand for, but since I haven't met them personally, no. No hate. No time for hate.

Extreme dislike, though, sure.

: Do I look gay in ankle socks?

Only when you wear your skort.

: Ever attempt suicide?


: Do you believe in God?


: What's the most wrong thing you've eaten (like, maybe a ferret? or human excrement)

Cow's tongue. Friggin' nasty.

: Should guys wear mascara--ever?

Only Robert Smith. But even he should've given it up after 30. He looked pretty foolish on Leno last week.

: Have you ever cursed out a senior citizen? Assaulted one?

Under my breath, yes. The cursing, I mean. Assault? No.

: If I was wearing biker shorts, and you could see the outline of my junk, would you (a) stare at it (b) pretend it's not there, or (c)ask me what I was trying to prove, then walk away in a huff?

I have this rule about not talking to guys when I can see the outline of the helmet in their shorts, so I'd probably just head the other way. No pun intended.

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