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Posted by GTJDorris at on May 02, 2004 at 17:26:10:

In Reply to: You're gonna burn in HELL! Poll. posted by Suplee_Mental on May 02, 2004 at 10:09:40:

: Are there any races (black, latino, korean, for example) that you would never date (like, maybe you find traditional Korean features to be unattractive)

I've never dated anyone that's not caucasian (I am as well), but then again I've only dated 3 people in my entire life two of which for a combined 6 weeks. But if I found a black, latino, korean, etc. girl that I was attracted to and compatible with and so on, then I'm sure I'd get rejected by her, if that's what you mean.

: Your ATM spits out an extra $20, or a teller accidentally gives you 20 too much. Keep it? How about $100.

If a teller gave it to me, I'd give it back to him/her. If it came out of a machine it's mine. How pray tell would I be able to give it back anwyway?

: Would you ever date someone who used to date a sibling or other close family member?

I guess, but my brothers have really different tastes than I do.

: Would you date a 1st cousin?

Of course not, though I've got two (first) cousins that are way hot and really cool, so much so that I wish they WEREN'T cousins.

: Do you cross the street when someone of any particular race comes towards you during a midnight stroll?

Nope, but I crossed the street after I bought some snacks at the BP at 3 am or so cause they were trying to roll up on me. I should note that I lived across from some particularly rough projects and know multiple people that had been robbed at gun point, stabbed, shit like that on the same block so I was pretty justified, I believe.

: Have you ever shoplifted, or stolen anything at all? What? Why? When?

Probably, but nothing comes to mind.

: Have you ever intentionally killed an animal?

Not yet, give me a few more hunting seasons.

: DO you hate anyone? I mean sick-to-your-stomach hatred. who?

Michael Moore. And a few guys I've yet to meet in PA, and if I ever did meet them I'll admit to it here and now, I will fucking kill them. Stab them, run them over, shoot them, whatever it takes.

: Do I look gay in ankle socks?


: Ever attempt suicide?

Came real close to before I was stopped. It would been really messy too.

: Do you believe in God?

In a supreme force/being/entity that has created what I see and "know" around me? Yes. As a white male with a beard and robe sitting on a cloud? No.

: What's the most wrong thing you've eaten (like, maybe a ferret? or human excrement)

Crocodile? No, kangaroo. They're cute, right?

: Should guys wear mascara--ever?

If you're not in The Cure, then no.

: Have you ever cursed out a senior citizen? Assaulted one?


: If I was wearing biker shorts, and you could see the outline of my junk, would you (a) stare at it (b) pretend it's not there, or (c)ask me what I was trying to prove, then walk away in a huff?

Probably look everywhere else.

Good enough?

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