in actuality, no, they arent

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Posted by Xtian at on May 02, 2004 at 15:33:08:

In Reply to: Actually, yeah it was posted by powdered toast man on May 02, 2004 at 15:03:43:

you do realize you are talking about yourself here, right? your view, your context...

: the new star wars movies arent as good as the old
: It just blows my mind you could even try and say that. The new ones aren't as good, they're not even close, they're not bad but they don't hold a candle to the originals.

i was 8 when the first star wars movie came out, and it blew me away, much in the same way an 8 year old would be blown away by episode 3 today. go ahead, show him the original star wars...wait 6 minutes. note the quizzical looks, shocked awe, and report the first utterance of 'god this sucks' tot eh board and perhaps the local authorities.

: this board isnt as good as it used to be
: This place has it's ups and downs, it all depends on who's here.

i guess, at this point, you havenít realized that i'm speaking in a general way, yet in a very specific way, about people's perceptions.

: cartoons arent as funny as they once were
: Have you seen the crap on tv today? and half of it is lame-ass remakes of good old cartoons.

and yet, to the kids of today (remember, perspective!) they are not lame ass remakes of anything... they are brand spanking new to them, or at least better drawn, rendered, colored, etc versions of things they might have heard an uncle talk about once. they may, in time, discover the originals, and appreciate them, but they are, ostensibly, first run to these kids.

way to skip my garanimals rant, which was, by far the, the most poignant comment i made...oh, you give away so much by what you choose to ignore!

: so we can reflect back on how awesome dratch, fallon, and armisen were
: I really doubt I'd ever do that considering they all suck alot.

its hard for me to respond to such a craftily constructed argument, so i choose not to.

: SNL was funnier in when carvey, farley, hartman, sandler, spade, and alot more were there. I watched some skits just yesterday and I laughed more during one sketch than I did during the whole of SNL last night.

well, they spoke to you in some way...perhaps it was topical at the time, or that cast happened to coincide with a formative time in your life, its all subjective. i'm sure someone today, at the same age when you saw that cast, finds the current cast drop dead funny, and wish your faves would just drop dead....hell, i'm from a generation or so before your fave cast, and i think the people before them, and after, are highly superior. whatcha think of that? after all, its just my opinion, from my own life experience.

one thing i wont argue about is music, music today used to be way better.

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