Elfy's poll from yesterday (repost)

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Posted by miss d at bl-cods-cmsales.ads.iu.edu on April 30, 2004 at 09:39:33:

Only because it was a good one, and I didn't get to answer before the board was flipped this morning...

: 1. Most annoying commercial and would you act in it for the money?

I've gotta go with the VS/Bob Dylan one - no wait, those new penis enlarging ones - no, wait...

But yes, I'd sell out to the annoyance for the moolah.

: 2. Are people abusing the definition of "poll"?

Not only the definition, but people are abusing polls, period.

: 3. Who would make a better "Bride" in Kill Bill: Me or Fluffy?

Considering the time spent in the Prosecutor's office this week to collect the fucking child support my son deserves, I'm trying to quit smoking, and I'm dealing with fuckers who think you should be available, like, forever, until they're "ready" - me.

: 4. Name three posters who you'de like Fluffy and I to "take care of":

Eh - these board "wars" are so stupid, so no one. Life is way too short.

But if you meant "take care of" (wink, wink) - Nancy and Kate still owe me a three way, so if you want to get in on that...

: 5. What will you do to the next jabroni who asks (in a poll) "Pepsi or Coke"?

Well, I can't really do anything but ignore them, so that.

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