i think i have the record for the second one.

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Posted by Pitstain at h-68-164-89-55.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net on May 02, 2004 at 13:13:16:

In Reply to: You're gonna burn in HELL! Poll. posted by Suplee_Mental on May 02, 2004 at 10:09:40:

: Are there any races (black, latino, korean, for example) that you would never date (like, maybe
you find traditional Korean features to be unattractive)
nope... it all depends on WHO the girl is, not what color she is.

: Your ATM spits out an extra $20, or a teller accidentally gives you 20 too much. Keep it? How
about $100.
i once walked up to an ATM and when i went to put my card in i noticed a wad of cash (about
$300) in the ol' cash slot... kinda had to do a double take, but i grabbed it and brought it into
the bank and let them know which ATM it was sticking out of.... i wish i could have taken it
'cause i had to buy a new carburetor that day, but oh well... hopefully the bank person didn't
just pocket it.

: Would you ever date someone who used to date a sibling or other close family member?
i can't imagine i would have anything in common with someone who would date one of my
siblings or a close family member so i'd say NO.

: Would you date a 1st cousin?
erm, no.

: Do you cross the street when someone of any particular race comes towards you during a
midnight stroll?
no, but i will if a guy with a machete and hockey mask does... sure, it's profilng, but y'know
what? i don't really care at that point.

: Have you ever shoplifted, or stolen anything at all? What? Why? When?
i got hauled to the back of the store for shoplifting once... i hadn't taken anything, but the
friends i was with did. I got into a lot of trouble on account of those brothers.

: Have you ever intentionally killed an animal?

: DO you hate anyone? I mean sick-to-your-stomach hatred. who?
not really. there are people i don't like, but nobody i hate.

: Do I look gay in ankle socks?
yeah, but you look even more gay with knee socks.

: Ever attempt suicide?

: Do you believe in God?

: What's the most wrong thing you've eaten (like, maybe a ferret? or human excrement)
goat is the only thing i can think of... it was either a somalian or ethiopian or eritrean dish...

: Should guys wear mascara--ever?
if it makes 'em feel good? why not.

: Have you ever cursed out a senior citizen? Assaulted one?
no, but i had one flip me off once (for driving on the wrong side of the parking lot/road to return
some movies at hollywood video... they don't make the drive-up drop-off very convenient for
passenger-less drivers)... he was sooo pissed off it was funny. i gave him the shaking-my-
hands-by-my-face "ooooooh scaaaaaaary" face and proceeded about my bidness.

: If I was wearing biker shorts, and you could see the outline of my junk, would you (a) stare at it
(b) pretend it's not there, or (c)ask me what I was trying to prove, then walk away in a huff?
maybe i'd notice it, maybe i wouldn't... if i did i wouldn't stare, if i didn't i STILL wouldn't stare...

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