I just hate hypocrisy

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Posted by Will Turner, Karaoke King at nat0.ucc.ac.uk on May 02, 2004 at 12:58:09:

In Reply to: Respodning to a thread below posted by Nixx_is_a_girl on May 02, 2004 at 12:51:17:

You get meat eaters who go "Ew" at the thought of eating snails or vegetarians who will wear leather. Either time this disgust me. And yes, I hate evangelism of any kind, be it religion or diet based.
: I'm not the type to throw my opinions about vegetarianism around. I made a choice not to eat meat, a personal choice. If someone wants to eat meat thats fine with me. I'm not really an opinionated person, most of my friends eat meat, my boyfriend is big meat eater I even cook it for him sometimes and I've never encouraged someone to stop eating meat. To be honest I'm not all...'ooh poor defenseless animals' I just dont like the thought of eating meat. But seeing the animal protection ads and what not makes me glad i'm a vegetarian. Anyways, I hate it when people try to make you believe something because they do.....I'm pro choice. But vegans must be fantastic cooks! I would have died of starvation had I taken it that far.

: : I heard someone say they could never eat something "pet like" again. I have to be honest, as someone who eats meat, I am open to any type of meat so long as it's good quality. Not hypocritical about it.
: : : that I will forever be the butt of people's 'what about head' jokes

: : :
: : : : to put down vegetarians.

: : : : I honestly have always had a great deal of respect for them. To me, it is like you really are doing something about what you believe. I mean, I've always believed that their really isn't a reason to slaughter animals for meat. Sure it's tasty and has protien and what not, but so do soy products, and misc nuts, and prolly tons of other stuff. Still, I could never give up meat. I love it so, and even if I thought I didn't need it, I still hunger for it and use the typical excuses for myself, like my shoes are cow leather and my wallet is
: : : : eel leather and what not.

: : : : I guess I felt stupid watching the show because I had never heard this thing about meat before, and if it is true, it forces me to change my view of vegans and meat and eating in general.

: : : :
: : : : : : so I'm watching this show on discovery or science or whatever they are calling it these days, and they say that the reason we have evolved into competitive, smart, reasoning humans all came from early man deciding to begin eating meat.

: : : : : : so, if meat eating is being creditied to the evolution of our minds, why would anyone decide to go back to the diet we had (plant life) back when we grunted at eachother and basically had the reasoning ability of a 3 year old

: : : : : : (they actually drew that comparison, because a humans competitive instincts don't kick in until after 3 years of age, before that they have no ability to imagine how other people see them: the ability that gives birth to so many of our instincts)

: : : : : : I used to have a great respect for non-meat eaters. Now I worry that they are working against human evolution, even trying (unwittingly) to set our species back.

: : : : : : thoughts?

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