Actively worry? no. worry about the principals

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Posted by Suplee_Mental at on May 02, 2004 at 12:26:17:

In Reply to: Re: Vegans, Friends of Vegans, Vegan Enthusiasts posted by amanda22 on May 02, 2004 at 12:00:05:

and what they mean for mankind, yes.

If meat feeds our minds and makes us better thinkers, than the logical thing for us to do is embrace meat. For groups of people to say it's not okay to eat meat, well, that's like people saying it's not okay to be who we are, who we came from, who we could potentially be. You, as a person, are a product of meat eating people. You personally may not be able to change the effects from that, but if your numbers become great enough for long enough, would that not be a negative thing? (assuming the meat thing is correct--I'm not totally buying into it at this point)

consider gay people. If our numbers were too great, it would threaten the species future. If gays became a majority it would significantly reduce procreation. Luckily, we don't wish to become a majority, because we know what that would mean. How would we make more little gay boys in girls without the straight people?

Vegetarians, I fear, want eveyone to come over to their side.

wow...I feel like archie bunker today

: I'd be curious to know the eating habits of the people who did this show. Meat eaters generally try to justify their eating habits, same as veggies try to justify their choice. It's all a matter of considering the source and the agenda of the people doing this show.

: Personally, I disagree with this altogether, but I'm a vegetarian. Even IF it's true, humans did a lot of things (living in caves, for example) in the past and in process of evolving that we don't do now. Maybe those things got us where we are now, but that doesn't necessarily make those things appropriate right here, right now. blahblahblah ... insert standard pro-vegetarian argument here.

: And really, dude, I wouldn't worry about vegetarians trying to set our species back. Because that's just silly.

: : so I'm watching this show on discovery or science or whatever they are calling it these days, and they say that the reason we have evolved into competitive, smart, reasoning humans all came from early man deciding to begin eating meat.

: : so, if meat eating is being creditied to the evolution of our minds, why would anyone decide to go back to the diet we had (plant life) back when we grunted at eachother and basically had the reasoning ability of a 3 year old

: : (they actually drew that comparison, because a humans competitive instincts don't kick in until after 3 years of age, before that they have no ability to imagine how other people see them: the ability that gives birth to so many of our instincts)

: : I used to have a great respect for non-meat eaters. Now I worry that they are working against human evolution, even trying (unwittingly) to set our species back.

: : thoughts?

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