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Posted by Johnboy at dialup- on May 02, 2004 at 12:05:08:

In Reply to: You're gonna burn in HELL! Poll. posted by Suplee_Mental on May 02, 2004 at 10:09:40:

: Are there any races (black, latino, korean, for example) that you would never date (like, maybe you find traditional Korean features to be unattractive)

Mmmm...not unattractive per se, but I've always only dated white women (I(I'm a white guy.) For me sex is always at least potentially about procreation, and I wanted kids that looked like me. However, some of the hottest Playboy Playmates I've seen have been Asian. But that's about fantasy and not reality.

: Your ATM spits out an extra $20, or a teller accidentally gives you 20 too much. Keep it? How about $100.

ATM - yes, it's a machine and it's more trouble to get the bank to admit its mistake than its worth. Teller or cashier - yes, and I have done so for as little as a dollar when I notice.

: Would you ever date someone who used to date a sibling or other close family member?

Mmm...well, maybe, but it never came up and I'm married now.

: Would you date a 1st cousin?


: Do you cross the street when someone of any particular race comes towards you during a midnight stroll?

No, but gang-looking people of any race get me to try to avoid.

: Have you ever shoplifted, or stolen anything at all? What? Why? When?

Sure. Plenty. Back when I was a kid. Partly because I wanted stuff and partly because we had a crappy home life and I was acting out. Stopped when I was 15 because it was, well, stupid.

: Have you ever intentionally killed an animal?

No. Although I'd draw a distinction between hunting and killing pets for sadistic reasons.

: DO you hate anyone? I mean sick-to-your-stomach hatred. who?

Personally? Nah. There's a jackass or two on the internet I wouldn't mind seeing flamed to oblivion; and I have distaste for certain world leaders (Hussein, Milosevic, Kim Jong Il come to mind) but no hatred. Life is too short. It's much better to live your own positive life than spend it hating.

: Do I look gay in ankle socks?

EVERY guy looks gay in ankle socks. Unless you are wearing white socks and sneakers and are right then working out. No walking around in jockwear pretending.

: Ever attempt suicide?


: Do you believe in God?

Mmmmm...the Watchmaker theory, maybe; Jesus as the Son of God, intriguing but can't get to the faith part; God as involved in my everyday life, again, intriguing but I can't say yes; the idea of a God who has an eons-long plan, is closest to my beliefs. But I question EVERYTHING, and my beliefs are definitely still evolving.

: What's the most wrong thing you've eaten (like, maybe a ferret? or human excrement)

Nothing too gross. At some cat food once on a dare. Really, that's about it.

: Should guys wear mascara--ever?

Only if they want to be made fun of. Only exception is makeup for acting (TV/Film/Stage.)

: Have you ever cursed out a senior citizen? Assaulted one?

No, and you really ought to get therapy if you have.

: If I was wearing biker shorts, and you could see the outline of my junk, would you (a) stare at it (b) pretend it's not there, or (c)ask me what I was trying to prove, then walk away in a huff?

I'd ignore you. It's the best thing for people looking to show off.


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