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Posted by CeltTim at ac9c6fd9.ipt.aol.com on May 02, 2004 at 10:51:13:

In Reply to: You're gonna burn in HELL! Poll. posted by Suplee_Mental on May 02, 2004 at 10:09:40:

: Are there any races (black, latino, korean, for example) that you would never date (like, maybe you find traditional Korean features to be unattractive)

Never say never, sez I. I have dated all three of the races you mentioned. I might not date an Inuit with really powerful fish breath, but that would be more about the breath than the Inuit.

: Your ATM spits out an extra $20, or a teller accidentally gives you 20 too much. Keep it? How about $100.

Yeah, I'm boringly honest so I'd give it all back. Of course, my bank doesn't seem to have the same morals -- an ATM sucked my $60 back in before I could snatch it and it took me MONTHS to get it straightened out with those bozos.

: Would you ever date someone who used to date a sibling or other close family member?

I admit, that would kind of creep me out. Again, never say never, but...

: Would you date a 1st cousin?

Neither of my cousins are date-worthy, but theoretically, I probably would. Since birthing mentally-deficient children isn't on the menu, I don't see the harm.

: Do you cross the street when someone of any particular race comes towards you during a midnight stroll?

Yup. In fact, I usually mutter something like, "How's it going?"

: Have you ever shoplifted, or stolen anything at all? What? Why? When?
In my much, much younger days, I shoplifted some little toy. The guilt drove me crazy. I ended up going back to the shop and leaving money on the counter (a kind of "making it right" without the brave confession thing).

: Have you ever intentionally killed an animal?
By hunting, yes. Deer, fish (if they count), etc.

: DO you hate anyone? I mean sick-to-your-stomach hatred. who?
There are a couple of people I have gut-wrenching "you-done-me-wrong" feelings for. Hatred might be too strong a word, though. If they were drowning, I'd still throw 'em a preserver.

: Do I look gay in ankle socks?
Honey, you look gay stripped naked in a rainstorm! Just kidding. Post a photo of you in just ankle socks and I'll let you know.

: Ever attempt suicide?

: Do you believe in God?
Ugh. I hate these. Pass.

: What's the most wrong thing you've eaten (like, maybe a ferret? or human excrement)
Live octopus in Japan.

: Should guys wear mascara--ever?
On Hallowe'en, sure. Any time a man puts on mascarea or a dress other than Hallowe'en, he's in it for life.

: Have you ever cursed out a senior citizen? Assaulted one?
Cursed out, definitely -- usually when they are driving in front of me on a 2-lane road, doing -5 MPH. Assaulted -- never.

: If I was wearing biker shorts, and you could see the outline of my junk, would you (a) stare at it (b) pretend it's not there, or (c)ask me what I was trying to prove, then walk away in a huff?
Sorry, I'm having a mental picture moment here... Oh my... I do believe I'm being overcome by "the vapors..."


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