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Posted by Lokileby at on January 15, 2004 at 20:51:07:

In Reply to: DOGMA Q 2: ElecTric BoOGOloo!! posted by Sir Jimmy of James on January 15, 2004 at 20:43:16:

: What do you guys think the head of mooby world did to bartelby when he was a kid? I was watching it and realized that when Bart is whispering in the dudes ear, and lokie says "YOUR HIS FATHER, YOU SICK FUCK!", lokie is saying that the dude is bart's dad. which would mean that bartleby was molested as a child. which means he was once a kid. which means he aged from a kid to a grown adult. this would then take us back to bartleby being an infant at one point in this incarnation for him , which goes into him being conceived like the sweet baby jesus, being born into the world like every other human. I just want to get a total understanding of the situation dealing with the HEAD MOOBY WORLD DUDE BEING BARTLEBY'S FATHER.
~~ Man you screwed up again. HIS wasn't Bartleby. His was refering to the Mooby Exec's kid (referring to what Bartleby said to the Mooby Exec that wasn't heard). I don't quite understand how you got that. When he said "you're his father you sick fuck", he was referring to the guys kid, who wasn't Bartleby in any way, they were just judging his sins.

: Also, how did bart take a shit after eating the popcorn in the airport? didn't lokie say something like "you can't be anal retentive if you don't have an anus"??
~~ Hmmmmm... I don't remember this but its a good point if he did go take a shit. Maybe the shit taking happens in a more gross way for angels? Like out of a completely different oriface (sp?). But I prefer to think it was a mistake if it was actually done. Did he actually say I'm gonna go take a shit? Cuz if he did it was a mistake, if not you are wondering upon something unrelated to the movie. If the second is true I would simply say that angels have a super digestive system that digests EVERYTHING. Or some other BS of which I know nothing about.

P.S. You are acting suspiciously like a newbie there Sir. Switching back and forth from all caps to regular and asking questions like you haven't seen or didn't understand the movie to begin with. Just an observation as I know you've been around for a while.

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