Feeling a psychic today?

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Posted by Lokileby at fibre242.63.nas.net on January 15, 2004 at 16:12:46:

In Reply to: Feeling psychic today posted by AshFan on January 15, 2004 at 15:31:26:

: What is your favorite chilhood memory?
~~ I remember getting together with about 10-12 of us guys from gradeschool about 3-4 times a school year and staying up all night playing SNES and drinking coke. I particularily remember playing WWF games with 4 controllers and switching in and out.

: What was your best friends name in grade school?
~~ Early gradeschool was John S. Late gradeschool it was more Jonathan S. Different guys but the three of us hung out a lot the last 2-3 years of gradeschool and into highschool. But Jonathan was the better friend in the end.

: Do you still know where they are, and what they are doing?
~~ Not really. I know they are both still dating the same girls they did in their last year of highschool (as of a few months ago anyway). I know John flunked out of his program and his family moved about 30 min from their old home. But what he is really doing I don't know. Actually they both entered a program for pilots which has a large rate of people being cut. Well Jonathan went to the same program and the same school but dropped his extracurricular activities (volleyball, paintball and such) and focussed on his studies (quite the surprise to me) and made it all the way through the extensive cuts the program makes.

: Beating animals 'for' or 'against'?
~~ Define beating. Hitting (not kicking or punching but a little slap) is a good way to keep it from doing something bad like shitting on your pillow.

: What is more important, sex, or money?
~~ Sex.

: You are dating Amy, from the movie, "Chasing Amy" (imagine Amy is a guy if you are into guys) and you just found out about her (his) past, are you mad, or incredibly turned on? Do you want details? Do you imagine her (him) doing those things while you masturbate?
~~ I would imagine I would be kind of disappointed that my friend was kind of a slut. I would kind of want details but would never ask for them. I would do my best to not think of my friend like that.

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