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Posted by Nadine at host8-178.rancor.birch.net on January 15, 2004 at 15:51:29:

In Reply to: Feeling psychic today posted by AshFan on January 15, 2004 at 15:31:26:

: What is your favorite chilhood memory?
When I was 10, I did a flip over my 10 speed and over my friend erics bike and landed on my chin, skined both knees and both hands. I was riding behind him and my front tire hit his back tire and boom, flip-o-rama!

That ties with when I was 7, my friend Stacy and I were going to jump rope at recess, when the recess bell rang, we both went running, I had one end she had the other...someone stepped in the middle of the rope, I went flying skinning both knees and my right hand...I was bleeding so bad the school nurse couldn't get it to stop and they called my mom.

Ok three-way-tie again when I was 8, at recess a see-saw broke my foot and my parents took me to the doc and he said it wasn't broke (hair line fracture) and my dad made me walk on it anyways, he felt bad afterwards.

: What was your best friends name in grade school? : Do you still know where they are, and what they are doing?
Stacy (K-2) No idea, Twana (2-6) married with kids in Arkansas, Rachel (6-present) she has a son, and I will be her maid-of-honor at her wedding in 5 months.

: Beating animals 'for' or 'against'? SO AGAINST, how can you even think of such a thing!

: What is more important, sex, or money? Money! unless you are getting money for sex...j/k

: You are dating Amy, from the movie, "Chasing Amy" (imagine Amy is a guy if you are into guys) and you just found out about her (his) past, are you mad, or incredibly turned on? Do you want details? Do you imagine her (him) doing those things while you masturbate?

Neither, yes, every detail; and no! Believe it or not, I do not masterbate!

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