Even if he is not...

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Posted by Princes Clothing Designer at on January 20, 2004 at 02:04:59:

In Reply to: Devil's advocate. posted by jkm822 on January 20, 2004 at 01:58:50:

: :
: : : The last person he molested got 30 mill i believe...what a lucky kid

: : Yeah, I bet that kid thanks God every night that he was MOLESTED. "Mentally scarred? Right on. Nightmares every day? Uh-huh. Problems interacting in every day society? Well sure. But have you SEEN my giant house?"

: That's IF you believe the molestation reports. If they're not true (not saying they're not, just laying the argument out there), then this is extortion; people lying to get a piece of the truly disgusting quantity of money Jackson's got.
: Again, not saying I DON'T believe he molested kids. Just saying it's possible - just POSSIBLE - that he's being ripped off for being rich and insane.

Extortion by any means is totally wrong, but he does set himself up for the whole extortion act by saying "It's Okay to have kids in your bed" or Having a whole damn Disneyworld at your house. He's not inviting adults.

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