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Posted by Suplee_Mental at on January 19, 2004 at 15:55:53:

In Reply to: That'd be why they call it Sports Entertainment. posted by jkm822 on January 19, 2004 at 13:27:22:

I call reality tv fake. I think I posted that very sentiment a few weeks ago.

and fake is pretending to stomp on someone's head or punch someone sqaure in the face when in fact they are using your other foot to make a big distracting and scary sounding noise and really only relatively lightly touching the dudes head.

they fake the fight sequences much in the way they do on movie sets. Stuntmen is all they are...they know how to make it look like they are sustaining maximum injury with minimal pain. Hell, you think it hurts like hell when they fall? I think they are professional fallguys.

no offense, but it sounds like you genuinely believe these guys are full-out beating the hell out of eachother. They aren't. they are using techniques to minimize pain and injury.

: : but it's choreographed.
: : It is to be expected that some injuries would occur with that level of physical activity, but they aren't actually fighting. People would friggin die if they really fought like that.

: : it's fake.

: I never said it wasn't choreographed. As I recall, I said "They know that the other guy is going to throw them and when, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like hell when they fall."
: There's no spontineity in it, but they really DO hurt themselves, and it really IS physically taxing. Go ahead and tell me that throwing someone like the Big Show (or whatever name he goes by these days) doesn't take physical prowess!
: "Fake" implies that they're not actually DOING anything, not actually doing the things they appear to be doing. They are. It's just scripted. Therefore, I say it's NOT fake, it's just entertainment.
: And I still find it far more entertaining than football.
: Reality TV is hugely popular too, and most of the time, I'd say it's as scripted and choreographed as wrestling. People don't go around calling it fake, though, do they? Nooooo, they call it "reality TV." Reality my ASS.

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