An Evening With Kevin Smith 2...

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Posted by LAXtitan99 at on January 19, 2004 at 15:00:52:

From "Here's an update of my life lately...

: - Col/Tristar and I are making "An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder." Plans now
: include a possible taping at the U of Berkeley show, coming up in April, as well as the
: Wizard Con L.A. (well, Long Beach, really) March 20th. We'll be adding two more locations/
: schools soon, including a possible Toronto taping. If anyone goes to a college that'd like to
: host a Q&A and be featured in the program, give Auburn Moon a shout.

I am a student at Clemson University (down here from Jersey baby!) and have the appropriate connections to have the Q&A down here.

I am new to the boards so I have no idea who the hell Auburn Moon is or how to contact him/her but it would kick some major @ss to have you down here.

Over christmas I visited the Stash in Red Bank (only a short trek from my new home in Asbury Park). As with each visit to the Stash there is always the hope to see you there. As I was ringing out (Jason Mewes autographed Bluntman and Chronic collection...nice) the phone rings.

Guy behind counter: "Comics"
Person on phone: greeting of some sort
Guy behind counter: "Oh hey...its you"
Me : :::heart pounding::: could it be, demigod Kevin Smith on the other end of the phone...
Guy behind counter: "blah blah blah Walt Flanagan...blah blah blah"
...some other irrelevant business conversation...
Guy behind counter: "Aight Kev, talk to you tomorrow" close yet so far. If only the name had been mentioned prior to right before hanging up I would have begged, pleaded, bought anything or everything in the store just to say hello...

And now another opportunity...come to Clemson University...bring An Evening #2...the first one rocks (have the autographed copy of that too)

If you, Kevin, or anyone who may know how to get in touch with Auburn Moon or whoever necessary to make this happen just post or email me at


Kevin Smith you are my hero!

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