It and our times are pretty much inseperable.

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Posted by Smalls at on January 19, 2004 at 12:09:36:

In Reply to: This isn't a criticism... posted by Mrs. Isis Fabulous on January 19, 2004 at 11:47:32:

: But it seems you are able to conclude any discussion about ANY subject by invoking "Gulf War 2: Daddy Made Me Do It".

: Surely you could find a way to get paid for this talent.

That's sort of the point. It's the overarcing and final symptom of all that's gone wrong in the last twenty to thirty years.

It's reality television, it's the military industrial complex, it's war-as-sports-spectacular, it's the reintegration of church-and-state, it's the final triumph of business over civil goverment, it's conspiracy, it's the ashes of deconstructivist thinking biting us on the ass... the smart people have spent so long re-examining their own thoughts that they don't have the assuredness to stand up when something is good old wrong... it's moral relativism finally biting itself on the ass, it's the information age instead of freeing us with a thousand information streams hitting us with the same three information streams from a thousand different angles, it's fear, it's loathing, it's the downfall of our educational system, it's the gullibility of the American people, it is simultaneously All Things Considered and Art Bell, it is Mr. Rogers and it is Bill O'Reilly, it's The Big Lie. It's the final cut.

No one would be able to get away without a lie this big without it being built on ten million smaller lies and revisions... lies about history, about religion, about science, about race, about God, about gods, about meaning, about truth, about lies, about media, about government, about the value of a human life, about society, about business, about health care, about weapons.

It's the gangrene-infection head at the tip of a great massive oozing boil of incorrect cultural maths that everyone's been trying to pretend was just going to go away... until eventually, we all turned away for so long that 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 1.

It is our times, our times are it.

You can slice a hologram as many times as you want, each piece will generate a whole image... it's just that the smaller the piece, the vaguer the image, the lesser the resolution.

Similarly, he'll polish a turd just as hard as he can, he'll only end up with shit on his hand.


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