class in cancelled, so it IS like Friday

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Posted by PussyGalore at on January 19, 2004 at 11:02:49:

In Reply to: It's my Friday poll posted by Suplee_Mental on January 19, 2004 at 08:46:26:

: What day of the week is your "friday" professionally speaking.
---Well, Thursday I guess. I have no Friday classes, so it is lumped into the weekend.

: What film most changed your outlook on life?
---Shawshank Redemption

: Have you ever hurt yourself with a Q-Tip?
---nothing other than using it a little too ferociously

: Has a bug ever crawled inside of you?
---I once took a shot of my inhaler (for asthma) and learned that there had been a large crunchy spider in it when I felt it crawling around in my throat, dangerously close to my windpipe. So, yes, yes I have.

: How often do you have sex (with other people)?
---Actually, never. I am a virgin and it's honestly not due to ugliness.

: What's the stupidest screen name you ever used?
---Probably PussyGalore. Most people don't get that it's just a Bond girl name, they thing I'm either a raging lesbian or raging nymphomaniac.

: Do you think you are attractive?
---I'm not bad, but there are many people out there who are much more attractive than I am.

: How old are you?

: If some magical chick said she had to turn you into an animal, but you get to choose, what would you be?
---hmmmm...I guess something like a sparrow.

: Have you ever been with someone who had a genital deformation? Explain.

: Do you think I would look better as a woman?
---wouldn't everyone?

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