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Posted by jkm822 at ool-435546b7.dyn.optonline.net on January 19, 2004 at 01:46:00:

In Reply to: It's probably just me. posted by Barry, Suave MF on January 19, 2004 at 01:39:33:

: But I cannot watch something just 'cause I'm infatuated with someone. Unless there's two naked hotties getting it on with each other every episode (of whatever show), I wouldn't watch it. And even if there was a show like that, it would get boring after awhile.

It DID get boring after a while. When I was dating my ex-asshole, I watched regularly, because it was part of our relationship. After that, I watched just because I liked Kevin Nash. Then the storyline got even stupider, and I stopped watching. Since then, the WCW (which I preferred, until that last, really stupid storyline) has been eaten by the WWF, which is now the WWE. And since that happened, I've watched... I dunno, not much. Fewer times than I can count on both hands, certainly. Mostly because Kevin's not on much anymore.
It is, however, vaguely entertaining. Not because of the storylines so much - those really are pretty damned stupid. It's mostly because these guys are truly athletes. Poo-poo all you like, but these guys take some hard knocks, and they keep coming back from them. Yeah, the tables are break-away, but the chairs certainly aren't. They get FUCKED UP. And although the fights are scripted, they can be gorgeous. Don't believe me? Watch Rey Mysterio, Jr. wrestle. The man is an acrobat.

: I dunno....I just need more out of things I guess. Something like wrestling is like an annoying acquaintance who keeps telling really bad jokes & thinks he's funny.

LOL! I can understand that, really. I don't expect you to like it. I certainly didn't! And I wouldn't say that now is a good time for wrestling, overall; it's a monopoly now, which is almost never a good thing. There used to be a certain degree of variety, but that's all gone now. I'm just saying that the fact that you're not into it doesn't mean that all the people who ARE into it are monosyllabic idiots.

P.S. My ex and I always wanted to go to a match with a sign that read,
AUSTIN 3:16...
Got a minute and 4 seconds?

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