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Posted by mrj514 at on January 19, 2004 at 00:29:30:

In Reply to: Not to be a bitch..but posted by Renfest Karla on January 18, 2004 at 10:19:02:

I was actually in a rush at home, I don't normally type like that, but when I gotta jump off the computer, i'm not gonna spend a half hour to be gramatically correct when you still understand the message,just so you don't get a claimed headache. you say ur not trying to be bitchy, but think about that, was that really true, And thanks for encouraging me too write gramatically correct more often, i'll try my best.
c u l8r karla i hope u cum across 2 reedin this, i proofread this 4 a 1/2 hr, c if i made n-e misteaks , hope u dont get n-e-more of those hedakes, i'll b typin like this more offten jyst 4 u ;)

: Go back to English class, learn how to capitalize, punctuctate and spell.
: Post like these gives me a headache.
: Plus it further demonstates the falling decline of our school systems.

: u is spelled.... you
: and I is always capitalized

: I got D's all though English classes, but at least I learned the rudimentary skills of
: spelling and writing.

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