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Posted by jkm822 at on January 18, 2004 at 12:33:40:

In Reply to: thanks posted by Suplee_Mental on January 18, 2004 at 10:47:37:

: you may not read this since we are so insanely down the page by now...
: I didn't wanna be presumptuos and email you.

Of course I'm going to read it. I put a lot of time and thought into that reply. I'm just glad YOU scrolled down far enough to read it. :-) Whether you'll scroll all the way down AGAIN to read this, well... it's not that important a post, really. The previous one was the one that mattered.

: I just wanted to say I appreciate that you took the time to be encouraging. I struggle with this stuff all the time...and some days are worse than others. I also do the medication thing (a sickening amount of meds,, really) and get pissed about taking them and go off them from time to time.

If you're on medication, and you still feel this awful, you might be on the wrong medication. Since they've put me on drugs (Wellbutrin, if it matters), I've been doing a bit of reading. It's amazing, the effect that the wrong meds can have on a person. Speaking from my own personal experience as the daughter of a bipolar personality... when my dad's meds are wrong, he gets downright scary.
Tell your doctor that the meds you're on aren't working for you. Couldn't hurt. Might help.

: I dunno...I guess it means something that you took the time to reply.

You're down, and I'm here. I've got nothing but free time, for the most part. And I'm glad if anything I said helped at all. I'm also glad to let you know that someone's listening to what you have to say.
Also... I'm known for long-winded posts that no one really wants to go to the effort of reading the whole of. It's what I do. I like "hearing" the sound of my internet "voice." You should see my first post ever! Went on and on and on and on... ;-)

: Thanks, yo.

You're welcome. Always glad to help.


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