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Posted by DolFan at 12-219-232-71.client.mchsi.com on January 18, 2004 at 07:39:04:

In Reply to: Query Eye for the Board Guys (and Gals) posted by Kevin on January 18, 2004 at 07:19:50:

I am pretty good at predicting how much a movie will make in it's first weekend so here I go.

Romance + $10 mil

Comedy + 15 mil

Shot of Ben and Jen - 10 Mil
(That's being optomistic)

Clever dialogue + 25 Mil

Mention of Kevin Smith - 5 Mil
(no disrespect, I came to that by figuring in the view askew faithful + 10 Mil and the same poor girls who have been dragged a few times to one of his fart knockin movies - 15 Mil)

Afflek - Wildcard
(Usually this would be a + 10 Mil but i'm not sure as this will be billed as a Bennifer flick, unfairly I might add)

Cute little girl + 5 Mil
(If it was a cute little boy it would be +15 Mil, due to the certain catholic priest patronage)

Total $40 Million Dead Presidents on opening weekend.
(Margin of error + or - $40 Mil)

What do you think about that Kev?

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