Kevin was right.....

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Posted by MariDani at on January 18, 2004 at 03:32:06:

In Reply to: The Big News posted by Banky Fan on January 17, 2004 at 14:15:43:

when he said something to the effect of "you guys wont believe this shit" as I find this to be a shock to my system, and I normally don't give a shit about stuff like this (Tom Cruise being in ANY movie) but holy fucking shit on this one here. How interesting it must be to live in a Universe populated by such shit happening as Kevin Smith directing Tom Cruise. Not that Kevin can't direct the biggest fuckin star you can throw at him, but, come on. Fuck man.......I bet Kevin shit three and a half bricks of fine rice wine when (presumably) Harvey dropped that bomb. That had to be the most confusing moment of his life. Things such as "HOLY SHIT" and "Should I be exited or what? Tom Cruise? as FLETCH? Oh we'll, fuck it. It's getting to direct Tom Cruise. Thats worth doin in life if you get the chance! I sure......Maybe I should just be like..I dont really want to direct Tom Cruise in JACK SHIT...Well, Eyes Wide Shut was AWSOME, as was Vanilla Sky, as was....well. Nah, I didnt like those, did I? Shit. I guess I did. OK, FUCK IT...I'll direct it. He'll be great!. But I'm tellin Harvey that if he backs out for ANY reason, I want Lee back in the running, because now the publicity brought to this ALONE, Lee would get more Celeb Cache, and Harv would get a good pay. Fuck. He already said "ABSOLUTELY NOT, just FUCKIN give it up, OK! Shit I'm tired of hearing this shit all the time, he's not in, the backers say no."

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