Need help settling a petty J&SBSB argument.

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Posted by Butterknees at on January 18, 2004 at 02:54:38:

This may be the stupidest thing I've ever debated with anyone, but bear with me here.

Just before filming begins on "Bluntman & Chronic Strike Back", Chaka Luther King is approached by Banky Edwards. Chaka berates him about being a tracer rather than an inker. He then brings up Bill Cosby and Fat Albert. The petty debate is over exactly what Chaka says.

"Did Fat Albert have a tracer? No, Bill Cosby did it all with a ________. And it was EXCELLENT!"

I say it's "roller", like a paint roller. Simple, right? The guy I'm arguing with says it's "ruler" and claims he's seen the animation process, how there's no way it could possibly be done with a roller because of the animation cels, and that the joke is that it's "ruler" because Fat Albert is curvy and thus it'd be extremely difficult to draw him using a ruler. I think he's reading way too much into it.

Any help/opinions?

And don't remind me of how stupid this is. Believe me, I know.


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