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Posted by PantherModern at on January 15, 2004 at 13:20:58:

In Reply to: totally 100% sex related poll posted by Drunken Man Whore on January 15, 2004 at 12:46:24:

: who would you rather sleep with:

Some of these are just icky to even think about and make me give serious consideration to the life of a eunoch.

: 1) ralphys head with kevins body or kevins head with ralphys body

Ralphys head on Kevin's OLD body - perhaps.

: 2) karlas head with jays body or jays head with karlas body


: 3) gabes head with afflecks body or afflecks head with gabes body

*shiver* I guess Affleck's head on Gabe's... But thats still... ugh.

: 4) Mauls head with Queens body or Queens head with mauls body

Dude. Just... Dude.

: 5) panthermodern and me in a threesome or your right hand

My right hand.

: ..............................

: out of these three people you have to kill one, marry one and sleep with one - whats the choice:

: 1) Kevin, Jay, Cokechic

Sleep with Kevin, Kill Jay (as the murderer in a slash and splatter flick), and marry Cokechic (though it wouldnt be a very fulfilling relationship)...

: 2) Tom POJK, Me, Avril Lavigne

Marry Tom, Sleep you Me, and Kill Avril Lavigne. The only one I really knew was killing Avril - everything else was just an "I guess".

: 3) GDawg, A midget, Jen

Kill GDawg (though it would be out of mercy), sleep with the midget (not you Adam), and marry Jen.

I think this is scary. I just chose to marry two women. Dont make me answer any more questions like these.

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