I know I will never post at the right time so...

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Posted by Scumm at p508378c8.dip.t-dialin.net on January 17, 2004 at 14:22:37:

What I mean is: Here in Germany the time's like 8 hours different from yours over there, so everytime I see Kevin is making a Q&A-Session, it's already over, cause I'm online too late.

So for know I just post my thoughts to discuss with anyone who wants to:

Just watched the trailer for "Teaparty" and "Jersey Girl" and I feel kinda stunned. Both were really emotional...well, each one in a different way for sure:

Teaparty was like: "YEAH! THE Behind the scenes flick we've been waiting for. And for sure it's kinda sad the "end" of the Askewniverse damn...

Jersey Girl was a bit...dunno just hit a nerve, cause I like father & child stories very much and it's always nice to see Liv Tyler and Affleck on the screen. Beside that, and beside everything Kevin said about "making a different movie than all the others" it felt like a flick by Kevin...ok it's a trailer but I'm talking about my emotions ;-)

Another thing is this: Ben Affleck should only work with Kevin. It seems to me he's better when he works with a director that can say "fuck you Ben, just act one time in your life like a pro!!" with a smile and without losing his star that way.
Even if that's not the cause, his best work is still Chasing Amy, next one Dogma.

But who am I, telling these people how they should do their job? ;-)



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