Saturday Morning Cranky Poll Answers

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Posted by Silent Bob^a Fett at on January 17, 2004 at 12:40:28:

In Reply to: Saturday Morning Cranky Poll posted by Suplee_Mental on January 17, 2004 at 09:13:18:

: Are you racist? against who?
- Nope.

: Do you hate stupid people?
- Hate is such a strong word. I'm accutely annoyed with them, though.

: have you ever hit a kid that wasn't yours?
When I was a kid I hit a kid after he hit me first. Does that count?

: have you ever heard, seen, or smelled your parents having sex?
- No, thank God.

: If you had to pick just one word to describe you, what would it be?
- Eccentric. I won "Most Eccentric" when I was in high school. Then again, I also won "Most Likely to Get Arrested."

: Have you ever been so annoyed at someone who pissed you off in traffic that you followed them to their destination just so you could unload on them?
- Not to unload on them, but when I was younger we (my male friends and I) used to follow a car full of girls just for kicks.

: When was the last fistfight you were involved in? Did you win?
- I was a kid. I was winning when the gym teacher broke it up, but then I got sucker punched while the teacher was chastising us. Some say I won; some say the other guy did.

: Have you ever eaten something you have killed?
- Nope

: Have you ever pleasured yourself with a food item?
- Nope

: has anyone ever done something to you in the throws of passion that totally freaked you out?
- Yes

: have you ever fallen asleep during a sex act?
- Nope

: have you ever injured your genitals? have you ever injured someone elses?
- Yes. No.

: who's the most annoying talk show host of all time?
- Maury - how can he act so surprised at the same situations over and over and over again? Ugh - can't stand him.

: Did you ever wake in the middle of the night and think Gabe was next to you in bed?
- At the Stash Bash I woke up on the roof with Gabe. I still think that makes my answer no.

: is my left asscheek larger than the right?
- You have two asscheeks?


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