Everything is an art to a degree

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Posted by Will Turner, Karaoke King at nat0.ucc.ac.uk on January 17, 2004 at 10:53:14:

In Reply to: Clearly, you don't know the point of art. posted by Smalls on January 17, 2004 at 10:51:16:

There is something in the world you feel a passion about doing. As soon as you find it, you'll know.
: Learn the structure and the craft of the art form you're looking to use.

: Take some underling jobs in it so that you can see every angle of it.

: And after you study all the different ways you can do it, all the theories and have helped other people do it a few times?

: You take all that structure and all that knowledge to inform the process:

: Of going out there and saying what you feel the need to say, damn the torpedos, damn if it IS stupid, damn if it IS smart:

: Unless you were born very rich or into a connected family, eighty percent of success is forcing luck and you force luck by believing in yourself.

: Believing in yourself to the point of delusion. Maybe not PAST the point of delusion... but right up to it.

: Repeat to yourself, every day, in your head in ten different places:

: "I am awesome and brilliant and it's only a matter of time, hard work and a little bit of luck before everyone sees how great I am".

: Positive thinking, my friend, it's not just for crystal-grabbers anymore.

: Remember: everything is subjective. If you act like you're great, some people will start to believe it.

: Mike

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