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Posted by Tom (POJK) at on January 17, 2004 at 10:24:31:

In Reply to: To all UK posters posted by cowgoesmoo on January 17, 2004 at 10:19:36:

-- I'm in enough debt as it is, and I don't care for a fair amount of the UK board members, so being stuck with them on a flight doesn't appeal.

: Hey all, how are we on this damp and grey Saturday afternoon?

: Like everyone else on this board, I'm holding out for Kevin to announce some sort of board screening for Jersey Girl with a Stash Bash style competition to get there. While I couldn't enter the Stash Bash competition for a lack of funds, by the time I would assume the Jersey Girl screening to be, I will have enough cash to make the flight to wherever the screening would be.

: On the off chance that Kevin doesn't announce a board screening, or if he does and I'm not one of the 'winners,' I'm looking to book a holiday for myself in New York City covering the weekend of March 19th, so I can take in Jersey Girl in a New York cinema weeks and possibly months before our compatriots can.

: Here's what I'm getting at: anyone else wanna come? We could make it a UKAskew event, so you guys from the UKAskew website could cover it and we could have some fun, all of us Askewvians together on one crazy United Airlines flight!

: Whaddya think? E-mail me or post in this thread, and if there is some interest then I could look into this possibility with a bit more seriousness.

: Monty x

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