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Posted by CeltTim at on January 17, 2004 at 09:56:41:

In Reply to: Saturday Morning Cranky Poll posted by Suplee_Mental on January 17, 2004 at 09:13:18:

: Are you racist? against who?
Hating whole races of people? I like to think not. Individuals -- that's a different story.

: Do you hate stupid people?
I might -- what if I'm too stupid to know?

: have you ever hit a kid that wasn't yours?
No, but on at least one transatlantic flight I engaged in some serious fantasizing about it...

: have you ever heard, seen, or smelled your parents having sex?
Thankfully, no. Or, it happened when I was so young I've blocked it.

: If you had to pick just one word to describe you, what would it be?

: Have you ever been so annoyed at someone who pissed you off in traffic that you followed them to their destination just so you could unload on them?
Never followed, but again, in a wonderful, if suppressed way, I've thought about it.

: When was the last fistfight you were involved in? Did you win?
Years ago, coming to the aid of a friend in a bar; let's call it a draw.

: Have you ever eaten something you have killed?
Yup. Venison, mostly.

: Have you ever pleasured yourself with a food item?
Well, there was that one time with the cantalope... no, um... never.

: has anyone ever done something to you in the throws of passion that totally freaked you out?
Oh yes. (Deatils available privately, if anyone actually reads these responses...)

: have you ever fallen asleep during a sex act?
Does masturbation count?

: have you ever injured your genitals? have you ever injured someone elses?
Not someone else's that I know, but my own... well, let's just say that teenaged hormones and lack of proper lubrication can produce enough friction to light a small city.

: who's the most annoying talk show host of all time?
Sharon Osbourne.

: Did you ever wake in the middle of the night and think Gabe was next to you in bed?
*Sigh.* Poor Gabe.

: is my left asscheek larger than the right?
I'd have to weigh 'em to know for sure, but the Charmin test says the right one is slightly firmer than the left.

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