Oi's Big Ass ALONG CAME POLLY review---not spoiled

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Posted by Oi-now with 38% more PUNK! at c-24-125-90-94.va.client2.attbi.com on January 16, 2004 at 19:56:40:

First off, it would have been a preview had my computer been working when I saw the movie on Tuesday... but I will move on.

Three words sum this movie up: Philip Seymour Hoffman. This has to be the MOST under-rated actor in Hollywood, but hopefully his reps will see this soon. The movie itself is very reminiscent of MEET THE PARENTS (written and directed by the same person). It starts off strong but seems to lose itself towards the end, but still quite enjoyable. Jennifer Aniston is well on her way to becoming an A list movie actress. Her delivery is spot on and is as genuine and sincere as you can get in a film. Versatility is her strong suit...Ben Stiller on the other hand seemed to be a bit held back. Ben played the up-tight character a bit too robotic. His performance seemed forced and unnatural. His performance is Zoolander was much more fluid. Philip Hoffman is an acting GENIOUS! That is all that needs to be said on him. And another scene stealer is Alec Baldwin, doing what I think is a fabulous job imitating Robert Deniro imitating Jerry Lewis. Classic.
The story is predictable and stale at times. The twist was not really a twist, and the ending was... expected. The subplot with Sandy (Hoffman) coming to grips with his own "celebrity" might make a good movie on it's own. And to me... it was as if writer/director John Hamburg stored some of Kevin Smith's movies in a dark corner and didn't realize it. Reuben's father is as close to Silent Bob as you can get without getting sued. Saying nothing but the most crucial life-altering monologue at the end.
All in all it was an enjoyable flick. You do laugh a lot, and even learn some new vocabulary, like Shart. If you go see it on a first date don't worry, the sex scene has enough humor in it to not creep her out.

Screenplay B
Direction B
Acting A-
Money's worth to see it in a theater B-

Total Score B

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