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Posted by Aslan Vincent Grealis at on January 15, 2004 at 12:22:53:

In Reply to: Poll vaulting... posted by PyThomas on January 15, 2004 at 10:26:16:

: Haven't done this in a while... just some random Q's here...

: 1) If you drink beer, what's your favorite brand?

I don't drink, but when i do i prefer and irish cider, tis a manly drink

: 2) Is "Walk This Way" better with or without Run-DMC?

with, duh.

: 3) What classic rock song would you like to hear covered by Weezer?

none, i want people to write songs, not mire themselves in nostalgia

: 3 1/2) If you don't like Weezer, answer the question above substituting your favorite band.

i think aftermath x should do a full album cover of question mark and the mysterians

: 4) What pseudonyms would you like to hear in "Fletch Won"? (ex. Don Corleone, Ted Nugent, etc.)

Aslan Grealis

: 5) If you could have your choice of a classic video game (1992 or earlier), fully restored to vintage condition and all that, which one would you want?


: 6) Who's your favorite radio personality? (You can also include duos, like Opie & Anthony or Kramer & Twitch.)

Ron & Fez(tho i cant vouch for thier show since they went to DC)

: 7) What (non-smoking-related) product would you like to see Jason Mewes do a commercial for?

your moms box(thats not an insult, by the way, its a subtle O&A reference)

fuck a spellcheck, and i'm out!

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