A stitch in time gives you a tesseract? *NT*

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Posted by jkm822 at ool-435546b7.dyn.optonline.net on January 16, 2004 at 12:19:21:

In Reply to: Re: Proverb Poll posted by Smalls on January 16, 2004 at 08:36:32:

: : 1. A bird in the hand __________________

: A bird in the hand pecks your fingers to shit.

: : 2. Name more than one way to skin a cat.

: Hachet?

: : 3. How do you stitch in time, and how does it save nine?

: Imagine, if you will, that time is a string... and every moment is like a knot on the string... well, what if we were to find a way to ball up that string so that all the knots were touching? You could go to any other knot as simply as you go to one second in the future. Unless of course, God yanks you out during the process, to fix time.

: You save nine by stopping the 1919 White Sox from betting on baseball.

: : 4. Beer on wine, feel fine, wine on beer, feel queer. Discuss.

: If you're attempting to supress certain sexual urges in your life and you're drinking, move from higher alcohol content to lower alcohol content as the night goes on, so that you can keep in control. If you're drinking beer early and then move onto... say... wine with triple the alcohol contact, you might find yourself acting on your grabass urges despite your sober control over them.

: : 5. Do you have any proverbs of your own?

: You can lead a horse to water but it'll still die, eventually.

: Mike

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