I'll regret this later answers

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Posted by Eyes Only at zeb.zqwdrqsz.com on November 26, 2003 at 12:19:18:

In Reply to: Poll poll posted by AshFan on November 26, 2003 at 10:17:10:

: !. When you shave, do you use electric, or a razor... also do you get razor burn? Ladies, shave or wax... why?
~~I usually use my Braun Synchron 7070 - because it is quick and was fucking expensive - but then I have to shave twice a day. If I have time, I prefer wet shaving - it's much sexier....

: @. Has anyone put thier dick in a cooked turkey?
~~someone is bound to at some time or other........

: #. Who was cousins that they have always found hot? Will you be flirting with them this holiday season? Are you afraid of inbreeding?
~~all my female cousins (and I have about a zillion) are fine looking specimens - I always used to flirt with them....

: $. Do you have a kooky relative who always make holiday gatherings fun? What kinds of wacky hijinx have they had in the past (IE: what makes them the characters they are)
~~I was usually the weird one....

: %. What is the one thing at Thanksgiving dinner, that you wish was NOT served?
~~the Native Americans (oooops! Being a Brit, I don't do Thanksgiving...)

: ^. What is your favorite part of the dinner (food wise you sicko)?
~~see %

: &. Is there someone's house that you always gather at for
Thanksgiving? if so, who's?
~~see %

: *. Do you alternate Thanksgiving's with different people? If so, who's is your favorite?
~~I have actually been to Thanksgiving dinner with US friends living in the UK...

: (. Do people mull around and fall asleep after you eat?
~~no - too much to do....

: ). What do you like best... the meal... or the leftovers?
~~ turkey carcase fights can be fun...

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