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Posted by Vida at on November 25, 2003 at 04:32:34:

In Reply to: you just gotta be self-informed posted by darrenistheman on November 24, 2003 at 09:55:48:

: As for this, of course Kevin and Jay appeared to find it to be a sweet gesture on your part. BUT, you have to be very very self aware that you DID present them with unsolicited HONORARY memberships to an org that "pretends". It's not a key to the city. It's not a doctorate degree. Now I don't know what your organization does, other than walk around in suits. Maybe you do cool civic service type stuff, go to children hospitals or raise money for homeless. But if you expect anyone to take you seriously by walking in, and giving honorary memberships to an organzation that only is known (at least from what I could tell) for walking around as science fiction characters, you would have to have a very strange sense of self-importance to be offended from being made fun of. You do goofy sh*t. It's GOOFY. Expect it. Especially from someone who would mock PRINCE even though they are mutual fans of one another. Expect to be mocked and don't you mind. It's fun. Be secure in what you do, but don't expect to be above a LOT of ribbing, especially if you go around giving around free memberships to people who didn't ask for them.

We actualy do civic service type stuff including the ones you mentioned and others, but thats just FYI. I understand what we do is laughable to a lot of people. But the thing is we KNOW that Kevin Smith is a big star wars fan, we just figured he would have actualy liked it. It was basicly saying "your an ultimate bad ass in our eyes". But I dont know if it was well taken or not. I realy wish Kevin would post here and tell me "you guys suck" or "I was just messin with you guys". I just want to know what he actualy thought about it. We (the stormtroopers) do get made fun of a lot. Does it stop us? No. Does it get me and most the others down? No. We keep on going and having a damn good time. If Kevin said he totaly hates us and thinks were the biggest losers ever I assure you I would lose no sleep over it. I just want to KNOW what he thinks about it.

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx

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